Donations for Capital Improvement Now Open


UPDATE: Our donation campaign has been shut down. Many thanks to all who kindly contributed.

We have some capital improvements planned so that we can extend our abilities to help more animals. We have recently created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds.

From our donation page:

We want to grow Doolittle Farm Rescue and be able to take care of more animals. First we would like to have mini pigs join our menagerie and, perhaps at some point, a rooster rescue.

Pigs are notorious escape artists, so to bring them in we are going to need to do some fencing modifications to the lot we will keep the pigs in. These modifications include pig paneling and some repair on a portion of the lot fence that is falling over. Once we have the pigs, we will need help with their continuing food and vet needs, so please consider a repeating donation.

We would also like to extend our large lot to give us an area where we can quarantine animals for short periods of time. This will require some additional fencing.

We are currently using GoFundMe to fundraise for our Capital Improvement Campaign. If you would like to donate, please click the button below.

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