Doolittle Farm Residents Eating Carrots!


The camelids enjoying carrots, except prideful Sweet Dee, refusing because she had to share with others. And….the first time Mr. Darcy decided he liked carrots! Finally! (And he even eats one from Cindy’s mouth!) We’ve had Mr. Darcy for two years and he has adamantly refused carrots and apples. We hope this has opened up a whole new world for him.
(We’re continuing to figure out video-making. Thank you for your patience!)

Our Second Virtual Adoption!

A big thank you to Carol Ann Burkett who recently virtually adopted our chocolate brown alpaca, S’more. As you can see below, Carol enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood with S’more and his buddy, Elton.


Here are some more photos Carol took- check out her site: Superior Imaging….





The contributions we receive help us create a forever home for animals in need; the money helps with food, shelter, capital improvements, and veterinary bills. We are delighted for Doolittle Farm to be a community effort, with folks not only donating but visiting, grooming, volunteering, learning about and interacting with the residents here. Please let us know if you would like to visit!

If you would like to virtually adopt one of our existing animals, or be a virtual parent to an animal who needs a home, please go to our donation page. Virtual parents will learn about their adoptees and will receive a framed photo or a locket with a picture of their animal in it.