Oscar is Blowing his Coat!

Every day we learn something new from our animals!

We were out feeding the pigs the other day and noticed that Oscar has a large swath of hairless skin on him. Tippy can be somewhat domineering and aggressive when it comes to food, so at first we thought that perhaps she had done something to him. But as we felt Oscar’s coat we found that his hair was coming off in our hands! All we had to do was find a spot anywhere on his body and if we took the hair in our fingers, it all easily came out.

We, of course, freaked out. Oscar seemed healthy and happy, though he had been scratching himself a lot on our shoes, some tree branches in the lot, and pretty much everywhere. So we ran and asked our friends at Hog Haven Farm what could be going on.

It is called “coat blowing”, and happens once or twice a year. The pigs will shed their coats and lose all or most of their hair, ending up looking like a miniature hippopotamus. It grows back almost immediately, but in the meantime, it can be very itchy and uncomfortable for the poor pig. So, as Oscar has been losing his coat, we’ve been brushing him several times a day. Here’s a short video of Oscar and Tiptoe. 


If you’d like to learn more about pot-bellied pigs’ coat blowing, you can read more here: http://americanminipigassociation.com/educational/blowing-coat-mini-pig-shedding/