Winter is here and the animals are ready!

Here’s an update on the animals of Doolittle Farm! They are staying warm, the goats are eating a Christmas tree, the pigs are learning how to walk on a leash (the alpacas are already great on a leash), and Mr. Darcy is sweet as ever! Please enjoy these photos!

Sweet Dee (llama on the left; with alpacas Alice, Elton and S’more)

S’more, Elton and Keith on a walk


This is the pig’s bed pod. They shredded their blankets and built their bed like otters making a dam!

Oscar practicing leash training.


Beautiful Tiptoe.


Zeus and Hermes chowing down on a Christmas tree.

Darling Mr. Darcy…he’s so mellow, he’s practically asleep!

  Celery anyone?

Tiptoe and Oscar sharing secrets.