Were you wondering what happened when Pan and Loki met ‘lil Zeus and Hermes?

Well, as you know, our new goats and our old goats were socializing and kissing through the fence for a week.  Today, we mixed them and…surprise, sweet, loving Hermes decided he was one of the dominant goats! He picked on poor Pan for a while and then tussled with Loki. ‘lil Zeus butted heads with Pan and Loki, as did Hermes (who apparently doesn’t know he doesn’t have horns and luckily didn’t lose an eye.)

Tonight everyone is settling in together and we’ll see how they do tomorrow. We hope you enjoy these photos of their first time sorting out their hierarchy:

‘Lil Zeus and Loki go at it
Pan! Will you please save me from Hermes and Zeus?
Loki takes on Zeus and Hermes
Hermes swinging a leg over Loki
Loki and ‘lil Zeus
Hermes ears were a-flying!


Meet the new residents of Doolittle: Pan and Loki!

We are excited to share that we welcomed two new residents to Doolittle Farm last night, Pan and Loki. They are Lamancha goats.  Lamancha goats, bred primarily as dairy goats, have a distinctive appearance with their very short ears. They have a calm and personable temperament; they are very sweet and friendly. We’re not mixing them yet with the rest of the herd so that everyone can first get to know each other through the fence. Our goats, Hermes and ‘lil Zeus, went right up to them and were socializing with them, and kissing each other through the fence.  Indeed these are social animals!

This is Pan. He’s a butterscotch color.

This is Loki with some stripe-y markings, and Pan again, below, eating hay.















May I kiss your horn?

Hermes welcomed the goats warmly.




Kissing goats.       


‘lil Zeus is more of a people-goat, so he hung out with Aunt Ilene.


Some onlookers.