Hope and JoJo Arrive!

Some exciting Doolittle news: Hope and JoJo, two female potbelly pigs, have come to live with our Doolittle Farm family. Currently, they are separated from Tiptoe and Oscar, until they can get used to each other and feel comfortable. Hope and JoJo are understandably a little nervous and sticking to themselves. We know they will love their new home in time.

Hope getting comfortable. Pretty in Pink.

JoJo giving us her pretty smile

These girls were rescued from a miserable situation and came to live at Hog Haven Farm.  Hope received needed medical care and they both have been tended to with love and kindness for the past year. 

We’re going to try to help Hope lose a bit of weight. But please note these girls are NORMAL size potbelly bigs, at 175 and 200 pounds. Tip and Oscar are normal too, but on the small size. You may be sick of hearing this, but there’s NO SUCH THING as a micro-pig or a teacup pig. So-called “teacup” pigs are baby pigs, or starved and malnourished pigs. This is a highly unethical marketing practice, overwhelming rescues when their parents find they get “too big” and resulting in heartbreak for these poor pigs.

We love every inch and pound of Hope and JoJo, and we’ll update you as they become more comfortable with us and integrated with Tip and Oscar. We’re hoping they will welcome them with open hooves.

We are delighted for them to join our family. Come visit and welcome them yourselves! 

First Breakfast at Doolittle

This is the position Hope and JoJo have been in every time we’ve gone to visit, except for JoJo’s face in the food bowl.

Tiptoe says, don’t forget about me and Oscar! 

Pan and Loki are no longer the newest kids on the block: yes, they are this adorable!