In Memorium

We really feel that the animals at Doolittle Farm Sanctuary add to our lives. Unfortunately, we also open ourselves up to the experience of losing one of our guests due to ill health or accident. We’re so grateful to have these animals in our lives, for however long they’re here! 


One of our first goats, along with his brother Hermes, Mercury came to us at 4 months old in 2014. He passed away in November 2018 from unknown causes. He was so sweet and he taught us about the wonderful, crazy, silly world of goats.

Al Pacacino


Al Pacacino In Memorium

Al passed away in November, 2016, after a couple of difficult days. This is Doolittle Farm’s first resident death, so it’s sad, but we also realize that loving entails hearbreak. Al came to us from a Facebook post. A woman with a large herd of alpacas had died and her family was finding homes for each animal. We took in Al and Alice Pacacino as our second group of alpaca residents.


Thor passed away in October, 2017. He was our first goat and he was the sweetest guy. We loved his big horns and his beautiful blue eyes.  He will live in our hearts forever.