The Residents, Our Family

I wanted to talk to the animals like Dr. Doolittle — Jane Goodall

We’re very grateful to have so many animals in our lives. Each, with their own unique history, brings their own special qualities which contributes to the dynamics of the herd. One of the most interesting parts of this adventure has been to watch a multi-species herd learn to get along. Or not.

These two beautiful girls, JoJo and Hope moved in to Doolittle Farm in March of 2019. They came from Hog Haven Farm who took great care of them for the year they were there. They, along with Tiptoe and Oscar, are part of a loving, dysfunctional family now.

These two pranksters joined us in February 2019. Meet Loki and Pan.

Mr. Darcy

This is Mr. Darcy. He came to us from a kill auction, where animals are sold for pet food. He really is a sweetheart.


This is Thor. He was one of the first arrivals and has always been very gentle and kind with us. There is nothing like those blue eyes staring deep into yours… and then he starts licking your chin.


Sweet Dee… well, Sweet Dee likes to eat. She was part of a pack animal group and had an accident happen that left her traumatized. Llamas are not the most affectionate creatures in the first place, but after a few months she became much more friendly.

Hermes and Mercury

Meet Hermes and Mercury, brothers from the same litter. Nubian ears are awesome. They were inseparable when we got them and they remain each other’s best friend to this day.

Sweet Dee, Alice, Smore, Al, Elton

You’ve met Sweet Dee before. The rest are alpacas. From left to right we have Alice, Smore, Al, and Elton. Alice and Al Pacacino are Huacaya alpacas and have fur that feels a bit coarse, like wool. They arrived 2 years after Elton and Smore arrived. Elton and Smore are Suris, and have fur that is very fine and silky. Of all of them, Elton is the nicest.


This is Zeus. What to say about Zeus… Well, he thinks he is the King Goat that rules all the others, despite being smaller than all of them. His heart stopped beating the day he was born and he got to spend his first 6 months in the house with people. He is very affectionate to people, especially when they bring food, but is a bit of a terror to Hermes and Mercury.


Thor wants Dee’s food!

We adopted these two pot-bellied pigs who are siblings, Tiptoe and Oscar, in June, 2017. They came from Hog Haven Farm. We learn something new about pigs every day! They are delightful additions to Doolittle Farm!