The Pigs Have Arrived!

The past two days have been filled with wonder and excitement at Doolittle Farm. Oscar and Tippy (Tiptoe), two pot-bellied pigs, came to live with us. We have done a lot of prep for their arrival, installing new fencing in the area for the pigs and in one of the pastures, moving the goats who were living in the space where the pigs are now living, moving the goats to their new home with the camelids and the horse, and getting everyone used to these changes.

Tippy and Oscar, who are brother and sister, are about a year and a half old. They were a little nervous when they first arrived, exploring their new surroundings. They had been living at Hog Haven Farm for the past year. Erin Brinkley-Burgardt and Andrew Burgardt, directors of Hog Haven, brought them to Doolittle Rescue, answered our many questions, and helped to make it a smooth transition.

The video below shows us taking Tippy and Oscar from the car they came in. You can’t see, but poor Oscar got sick in the back of the car and it was kinda messy. Please be aware, Keith was NOT torturing Tippy. She was nervous being carried by a new person into a new place and he was just trying to remove her leash. Andrew said the noise is pretty normal, and it can get up to 125 decibels.

After some time, they started to relax and hang out with us. Of course, some food helped soothe their mood.

Tippy showing Cindy where she likes to be rubbed.


I am one happy pig!


Cindy and Oscar bonding.


Keith and Oscar getting acquainted.


Tippy exploring her new home.


Them’s some good belly rubs!


Everyone is really curious to meet their new friends (sort of)!


Llamas make good guard animals because they make a very odd noise to sound an alarm when there is a perceived threat. Sweet Dee raised the alarm for several days after Tippy and Oscar arrived. It is hard to tell in the video, but her mouth is closed and all of this is happening in her nose. We were concerned, but after some Internet searches, it seems she will acclimate over time and realize the pigs are cute and are her friends, and she needn’t be such a drama llama.

We do love visitors at Doolittle Farm, so please come meet the pigs and everyone else!